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We are iMerge Financial, and we are in the business of setting people free from financial hardships. Our company was founded on the play on words of “I emerge,” hence iMerge, to represent what we do for our clients.

We help them emerge from the weight of financial chains to financial freedom! We are here for you!

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We are in the business of setting people free from financial hardships.

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I am happy with the loan offers I received. The customer service was excellent. I like that I don’t have to talk to a computer system to reach someone. I call and someone always answers and helps.

Lamar J.


I am impressed by their ability to streamlined the application and funding process. Makes things so much easier than the back and fourth the bank does.

Yessica G.


I generally don’t like doing business over the phone, so I did a lot of diligence and had a few good conversations prior to sending in my application. They did a great job getting me setup and got me a good rate!

Faisal K.


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